We had them too close together, just 18 months apart.

To be honest with those wondering, this wasn't very smart.


These creatures were truly savages, also known as boys.

They'd carry around their favorite things, a variety of toys. 


Although we are not proud, this included to the table. 

We were really tired parents, so save us from your label.


One night the youngest wouldn't eat, he wouldn't take a bite.

Mom's dinner apparently uninteresting, an all too common fight.


But on this particular evening, the toy of choice was a dino.

Which gave another parent an idea, it was time for the Dad-show. 


This dino was then used cleverly, to grab bites in it's snout.

Then transferred to the now hungry boy, a miracle of the mouth.


It worked so well that plates were cleaned, and kids were really happy.

The light bulb then went off inside, this idea was extra snappy. 


As fate would have it, this marriage included an engineer and OT.

An innovative product could come to life, it was clearly meant to be.


Yes our invention arrived by accident, but we knew what to do from there.

Are your meals also frustrating? This is the answer to your prayer!