Chomperware™ Dino Combo Set - Color : Leafy Greens


Unfortunately our meals can often be a fight, begging for kids to take a bite. So to solve this common problem, we created something awesome. Because when kids just eat and don't complain, parents get to feel sane. So it's time to end the mealtime nightmare, buy your kid some Chomperware

  • Kids can interact with a chomping dino mouth they're able to open and close on their own, grabbing bites and feeding themselves in a completely new way.  
  • Parents or kids can also 'talk' with the dino, which can help amuse a new eater enough to open up wide.
  • Made in the USA. Company headquarters in Kansas.
  • Made of FDA approved, food-safe plastic.
  • BPA, BPS, PVC, phthalate and paint free.
  • No metal, lead or unsafe small parts (solid molded plastic).
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Removable head for a deeper clean (see FAQ's below for instructions).
  • Sized appropriately to fit comfortably in your utensil drawer.
  • Set includes 1 Snap Pea colorway dino and 1 Avocado colorway dino.


***Safety Information***
  • Chomperware™️ products were designed specifically to meet the standards of the CPSC choke hazard test, having no parts small enough to create a choking hazard. However, if it somehow breaks from misuse, then small parts could be created.  If your Chomperware™️ product breaks for any reason, DO NOT TRY TO KEEP USING IT. Discard and contact us.
  • Handwash thoroughly before first use. 
  • Do not boil or steam to sterilize. The plastic is food-safe but is not intended to be used in high temperatures, and it could damage your product. 
What is the age range for Chomperware™️?

Parents can use the triceratops spoon as early as the introduction of baby food to a brand new eater. Then, as a child grows into solid foods and parents look to have them transition from using their hands, Chomperware™️ can really help promote the use of utensils. As for a top-end age, we really don't know. School-aged kids still love dinosaurs and have fun with Chomperware™️ even if they don't "need" them to promote eating. And we certainly don't judge any dino-loving adult who wants to use them for eternity.

What are the product dimensions?

Chomperware utensils are 5.5" in length and 2" in height at the tallest point. The width of the Triceratops is 1-3/8", while the T-Rex has a slightly wider base at 2".

Which one do I buy if I want to test one before buying a set?

Depends on the age of child you are buying for. If you are starting with a brand new eater and mostly want to use the chomping mouth to entertain while getting bites to the promised land, then the spoon is your huckleberry. If your child is older and eating more solid foods, then the fork may be the more versatile option. However, older kids will certainly use both utensils for various foods.

Have a question not answered here?

No problem. Contact us at

How do I remove the head if I want to clean every nook and cranny?

See video below. Place your thumb or finger below the pivot, and lift upward on the head in that location with a decent amount of pressure while holding the body firmly with your other hand. The head will pop off and allow you to clean as you see fit. To get it back to chomping, simply place one side of the head over the bottom peg first, then snap the other side in place.

Removing the head

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Casey Agres
Dinosaur utensils

My child does really enjoy them but I can’t say they are too practical. If I don’t load it he can’t really use it and ends up just playing with the utensils and not using them to eat. The mouths don’t really clasp well.

Casey, we love hearing that your child enjoys them, but are very sorry to hear that your experience hasn't gone completely as you had hoped. As parents of young children ourselves, we designed the mouth-closing function to not be so severe that kids would get lips or cheeks pinched! We will reach out to you offline and make it right!

Julia Singh
Best utensils!

We’ve struggle to get our kiddo to use a spoon for years. He loves dinosaurs and now uses this one! Totally worth it!


My son loves them!

Pediatric SLP Approved

I absolutely love to use these utensils during treatment sessions with kids with oral-sensorimotor deficits. The utensils are perfect for modeling play based techniques (e.g. touching, smelling, kissing, licking non preferred solids). They are highly motivating to the kids which has increased imitation of the above, as well as increased intake of non preferred solids. I also use them for introduction to and desensitization to oral motor tools which is an important initial step to patient success with oral motor skills for feeding. My nephews also approve of this product. Definitely recommend.

Taylor Garcia

My kids love this! Makes eating more fun for everybody!